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It appears that major browser developers will never reach an agreement on a real standard for the web. As long as the current situation persists, we'll stay dependent on cross-browser testing as the only way to assure our web pages will work on different browsers just as planned . BrowseEmAll is a standalone tool for cross-browser tests. It can help you preview web pages just as they will look like on various browsers and operating systems, including some portable devices.
The main advantage of BrowseEmAll is its usability. In fact, this program’s interface is mainly a ribbon-like window. It is made up of a navigation toolbar, where you can enter the web page URL just as in any browser, and a dropdown list, from which you can select the browser you want to test the page on. Thus, with only two steps, you will be previewing your page on a simulation of the selected browser. You will find some of the most popular browsers there, such as different versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and Safari, as well as various operating systems for portable devices, like iPad OS, iPhone and Android. Being a standalone application, BrowseEmAll supports testing pages on browsers not actually installed on your system.
In addition to visually compare webpages on various browsers, you can also use this tool to generate detailed cross-browser reports, including screenshots, HTML and CSS breakdowns. To do this, it is enough to supply a URL, specify a screen resolution and select the browsers you would like to test. Unfortunately, the list does not include other widely used browsers like Opera and Konqueror.
In general, BrowseEmAll is an excellent tool that can help developers test pages with incredible ease. It is really meritorious how the developers of this software have managed to create such a simple-to-use solution for a very complex problem as cross-browser testing.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is extremely easy to use
  • It supports browsing pages from local folders
  • It does not require to install any browser
  • It supports portable devices


  • The reports do not include some other popular web browsers
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